Canine Companions Benefit

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Zoom Zoom Woof Woof - Town Center - El Dorado Hills
September 22, 2012
Event Host Phil Fischbach
Photos by John Reese
- Thanks John!

What it's all about - funding to support raising dogs to be canine companions

Sign up here to raise a puppy

CPCC's lineup - we had a prime spot thanks to Phil's early arrival

Same lineup showing the back of our Corvettes

Glenn & Mary Lou's '10 red beauty

Glenn & Mary Lou's engine room

Pete's '69

Pete's engine room

Tom's '79

Tom's engine room

Dennis' '04

Dennis' engine room

The view of Phil's car most people see

Phil's engine room

Winner! Corvette Class, Da Prez - Phil

The venue includes this nice pond and fountain - it cools the air

The sponsors car - it has IRS & 4 wheel disc brakes