Sloughhouse Inn Dinner

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Dinner at the Sloughouse Inn
June 29, 2013
Club Hosts - Dennis & Marty Humphrey
It was a GREAT party!
Photos by John Reese - Thanks John

This is the place - the temp was over 100 but it was cool inside

There was plenty of room for our group of ~30 Corvetters

And its a historical site to boot

Corvette Parking

Tweety Bird found some shade

Corvettes like shade on a hot day

Ken enjoying his soup while Kathy gives us her big smile

New members Sharon & Lane talk to old-timer Marilyn and Hostess Marty

Richard & Elieen giving their orders

Ahhhh, Mikey & Patty

Bob & Mary - Ann & Pete

Susan & Jon having a good time

Host Dennis taking photos

Havin' a good time

This is Talia

Sharon & Lane

John caught in the act - of taking a picture

Barb & George


Bob & Mary enjoyed the day

That's Dave, then Marilyn, Marty & Dennis

Richard & Eileen

Left to right - Sandra, Cathleen, Lorna, Daryl, Phil, Ken, Kathy

Same table, John got in the picture too

Ken looks like he swallowed the canary

Sandra reflecting Ken's look