Rocky Memorial Run

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Rocky Memorial Run
April 19, 2014
Hosted by Bob Graham and Glenn Carlisle
Photo by Ken Cleek and John Reese

The run started at Jaw Jacker's

Happy guy with a nice trophy

Opps, that looks like a Ford, but nice

Nice wall

The starting lineup

Looks like Dennis's and George's

Grand Sport

Red Z, but not mine

Red C7 Z51

Tis indeed

Via Stumpy Meadows...

Familiar spot for a lot of CPCC runs

That looks like Glenn and Dennis

C5 a different way

Blown LSX

Nice contrast in generations

Same spot, different angle

Four generations in this photo

Law abiding C5 and Dennis's

Ken C's I'm guessing

Somebody has a video of the run - Cool!

Our in-house photographer getting ready to shoot

Another angle with a couple of non-Corvettes

"Official" end of the run here in Placerville