Surprise 50th Birthday Party

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Surprise 50th Birthday Party for Peggy Sue
at the Club Pheasant in West Sacramento
Hosted by hubby Rob
Photos by
John Reese and Susan Svilich

The crowd gathered early to get in the spirit of things

About 30 people attended

George looks good in yellow

Cathleen & Phil, Kathy

Dennis & Dori

These two are always up to something

Glenn and Mary are having a great time

Lorna, pointing out to Pete & Ann some menu items

Daryl & Lorna

Tom & Carole

Gary & Karen Adams

Greg & Jane Anderson, Peggy Sue's uncle and maternal aunt

Eileen & Richard

Dueling iPhones

HiYa George!


Real cool hat, Glenn

Yep, Peggy Sue was surprised

"I can't believe this"

"Happy Birthday Peggy Sue"

Lots of smiles

And picture taking

Nice couple

Jon's good wishes

The birthday cake


That was some candle, first a tall flame


and a musical rotating flower

kept everyone's attention while it played out