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Dick Collier's '56

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Dick & Barbara Collier's '65 Big Block Convertible

John & Sue Cook's 1965 convertible

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Pete's Riverside Gold '69 Convertible

Jim Brady's '71 War Bonnet Yellow Coupe

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Jim & Judi Brady's '88 Bright Red Coupe

Dick & Barbara Collier's '93 Artic White ZR1

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Dennis & Mardette Humphrey's '04 LeMans Blue Commemorative Edition Coupe

Jan Janca's Black '04 Coupe

Ken & Marty Counts' Torch Red 2001 Coupe

John & Michelle Manos' 2000 Dark Bowling Green Metallic Coupe

Stan & Eleanor Hunter's 2002 Coupe

Ken & Sandra Cleek's 2002 Convertible

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Marty & Susan Keylon's '07 Z06

LaVonne Hibbert's '11 Black Grand Sport Convertible

Jack Stanley's '06 Coupe

Daryl & Lorna Partlow's BADLULU

Rick & Karen Samoian's '07 Monterey Red Z51 Coupe

Lesley Gunter's '06 Black Coupe

Pete's '07 Victory Red Z06 - Born Dec. 20, 2006 - #4004 of 8,159

John & Kathy's 2013 Velocity Yellow Grand Sport

John & Sue Cook's 2006 convertible

Bruce & Sandy McPartland's 2013 60th Anniversary 427

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Tom McTernan's 2015 Laguna Blue Tintcoat Z06

Bob Graham's C7 - 1st 2014 in the club!

Vicki Braithwaite's Crystal Red Tintcoat 2015 Stingray

Glenn & Mary Lou's 2015 3LT Torch Red Z51 Stingray Coupe

Les & Pat Oesterreich's 2017 Long Beach Red Z06

Kevin & Kathy Hatten's 2015 Shark Grey Coupe

Jim & Dee Bryant's 2017 Silver C7

Ron & Kathleen Christensen's 2015 Z06 with Z07 options

Steve & Lori Peterman's 2016 Z51

Keith & Velma Purser's 2018 Grand Sport

Dennis Honig's 2017 Black Rose Metallic

Don & Susan Ferguson's 2016 Burgundy Z06

Richard & Eileen Baughn's 2015 Torch Red Coupe

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Club History

Co-Founding Member Noland Adam's 1953

Corvette Ship - Origin of name for Corvette Car

Just for Fun

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