Napa Poker Run

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April 26, 2008
Event Hosts Tom & Vicki Braithwaite

PIt Stop - Jones's ZO6

Nice day to get out

The line up at V.Sattui winery

Hey Ladies! Got Corvettes?

Another perspective

We like to shoot Corvettes

This is the place...

We're in line for lunch way back there by the hedge

Nice grounds

Vicki, Pete, Joe

Ann, Carol & Bill

Those patient folks on the right are waiting for their BBQ lunch, being prepared on the left

Winery building

Roses in bloom

Roses are like grape vines, varieties are grafted onto root stock

Probably discussing Corvettes

Aahh, for a hamock in the shade!

Store inside this building

More grounds

Busy place

Photos by John Reese