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Pacific Grove Rally and
Historic Races at Laguna
Seca Raceway
August 18-19, 2007
Hosted by Larry Savio

Getting set up for the Pacific Grove Rally

The gangs all here enjoying the street scene

Our folks and their cars are in the thick of it

Mustang on the left, Ron on the right

The Red Stripe Team

Jamacian beer anyone?

Corvette Corral at the race track

A Lamborgini Murcielago

Grand Sport

One of John Greenwood's sharks. Check it out Steve!

Ron likes the Bondurant School ZO6

Dana likes Ferarris dressed in red

This must be "home" for the weekend. Nice digs!

The group looks like they are having a great time

Last race for the Stingray Racer, Dr. Dick Thompson at Laguna Seca, Oct. 1960

Photos by Larry Savio