6th Annual Monterey Cruise

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6th Annual Monterey Corvette Cruise
May 2 - 4
, 2014
Hosted by George Goolsby
Photos by John Reese

Sponsoring club's name on a member's roof

Lunch stop en route to Monterey

John's Grand Sport

Pat's new ride


George's Grand Sport


Waiting for lunch to be served - nice smile George

Jim &B Dee, Lorna & Daryl

Jon & Susan, Pat & Les, Glenn

Site of all the merriment

'63 at the show

'57 Fuelie

Hearing one of these with solid lifters will get your blood racing

Interiors have come a long way...

Grand Sport with base wheels

The '11 Anniversary models sported this decal

Corvettes on display for the show

CPCC Corvettes lined up for the show

Blue ZR1

Another ZR1

Nice if you like pinstripes

This is where the raffle prizes are, and card games played

Richard loves card games

Raffle prizes

Waterway on the way to lunch

The famous Fish House

Susan & Marty, Barbara studying her menu

Eileen & Richard, Dave & Marilyn

Daryl & Lorna, Sandra & Ken

Jim & Judi

Les & Pat

Susan & Jon

Daryl & Lorna

The whole gang with George holding court

George's view of the table

Spotted in the parking lot - what the poor folks are driving.  Don't let that horse fool you, it isn't a Mustang!

Nice little town

The races were the same weekend

Enjoying cocktail hour

Jim & Dee

Juidi, Les, Pat, Susan and Susan

Susan & Jon are having a good time

What big eyes you have...

Eileen, Richard, George

Dave's checking his phone while Marilyn looks on

CPCC ladies


The other end of the table from above

Talking about Corvettes or shopping?

Susan & Jon, Mary Lou

Mary Lou and Kathy

Ken & Sandra

Lorna & Daaryl

Marty & Susan

Pat & Les

Walking poker run in Carmel

Where there was plenty of shopping

Stuff to buy - Les and Allen check it out

Nice jacket on Les

Walking for a poker hand

Les getting a snack

Loading Pat's car, guess she couldn't resist a deal

John's GS?

Kim & Allen's '03 Anniversary model


Another part of the poker run

Pat & Les getting a card

CPCC Corvettes parked by the seashore

Former member Robert Elliot's GS

Allen & Kim

Another angle shot of the CPCC Corvettes at the shore

Kevin, Ken, Kathy - 3Ks

Yep, there is ocean there

And plenty of potential for splats on your Corvette, or your head

Red C6 couple

More of the lineup - mild weather tops down or removed

Prizes to be awarded

Marty & Susan

Richard & Eileen

Robert & Kathleen - former members

Daryl & Lorna

Kathy & Kevin

Dee & Jim

Jon & Susan

Allen & Kim

Marylyn & Dave

Les & Pat - nice pose Pat!

Glenn & Mary Lou

George won 2nd place in the Grand Sport class - CONGRATULATIONS George!!!