Mendocino Coast Getaway

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at the Little River Inn
October 5th - 8th, 2007
Club Hosts
John & Carmen Clemens
Dick & Barbara Collier
You missed a great time if you missed this run!

Traffic isn't bad on the Silverado Trail

Following a ZR1 through a tight uphill turn

Friday evening on the veranda - nobody went hungry and some are trying to capture the sunset...

Like this. With a little imagination this could be an Hawaiian sunset

Hi Barb, Hi Carmen

Nice cap John

I just love candid shots!

An uninvited guest to our party time. His begging skills were highly developed.

The Riverwood Inn in Phillipsville CA. Notice the sign welcoming us.

The folks at the inn saved the primo parking spaces for us.

Our group consisted of 6 C6s, 3 C5s, 2 C4s, and one C2

From a 2007 to a 1966 in the background, that spans 41 years. I wish I was 41.

It's a lightly traveled road as you can see

A true survivor - an original BB Corvette

Red to red. Can you spot the front facia differences?

Lined up at the Little River Inn

Let's build one with Tinker-Toys. The bridge crosses the Albion river.

Camera session prior to dinner at the Albion Inn

Dueling cameras!

John is looking for a sign from above

Photos by anonymous