Mendocino/Little River Inn

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Mendocino Run to Little River Inn
Aug. 25-27, 2006
Hosted by Barbara & Dick Collier


In a line through Sonoma county

Rest stop at Anderson Valley brewery in Boonville on the way to the coast

Mike, Pete, and Brian discussing Corvettes

Mary, Vicki, and Sherry relaxing

Chasing a red Vette west through the Navarro River Redwoods St. Park

Taking over the resort parking lot!

Hi Janet

Part of the lineup in front of our rooms

More lineup

We were a pretty visible group

Birds of a feather...

Karen and Janet by Bruzbee

47 years apart!

Mike & Rick and lots of Corvettes

Got Oil? (You had to be there)

Dave Hill would be proud

John & Carmen's

Mark wearing his cool Corvette shirt

Partying on the veranda

Brian and Dick

Part of the group...

More of us

All together

This '40 Ford wasn't part of our group, but it was in the parking lot looking GOOD!

Looking toward the ocean from the veranda

Highway 1 and beyond

Rick, Pete, Karen, Ann, and Mike

Dick, John, Mary, Dawn, and Chuck

Mmmmmm, tasts good

Vicki and Sherry

Keith pouring for Robin

Vicki watching intently

Tom, Lou, and Rhonda

Lou & Robin, Rick, Julia

Vicki, Mike, Ann, Karen, and Rick

We took over the top floor for our party

Is Vette-Butt a word?

Peaceful scene

Cleanup time

50th Anniversary edition gets attention

Ready to kick tires?

Multi colors

Restored and unrestored houses at Pt. Cabrillo Lighthouse

The lighthouse, still working. It's a tertiary redundant system. GPS, LORAN and then visual, or dead reckoning

The restored buildings will soon be available for overnight stays

Mike, Pete, and Ann. It wasn't warm!

The Little River Inn in the fog

Foggier view

Different angle

Cute Mendocino house

A house from the 1860s, now a museum

Quaint house and garden - details abound

Notice the hand and feet?

Another view

Shame we can't enter

More funny stuff

Local guard geese

Mike's checking out my car in the restaurant parking lot

Lined up behind the '56

Here comes the Anniversary model

John and Keith taking photos

Restaurant parking lot - Hi Karen

Vicki & Tom and Mark

Something's funny

View from the restaurant

Looking back inland at the restaurant

We're ready for din-din

More hungry folks

Rhonda & Daryl and Robin & Lou

Barbara and Chuck and the '56

Karen & Rick

Happy folks waiting for their orders

Another happy table

Smiles everywhere

Going home through the redwoods. It's a wonderful road!

Photos by John & Carmen Clemens, and Mike & Janet Gould