Maranello Dinner Night

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Maranello Dinner Night
July 17

Club Hosts: Cathleen & Phil Fischbach
Photos by John Reese

This is the place

Dick, Barb, Vicki, Mary, Bob

George, Kathy, Mary & Glenn

Glenn & Mary, Kathy

Judi & Jim, Richard & Eileen


Les & Pat

Sue & John

New members Judi & Jim Brady

Hosts:  Cathleen & Phil

Dick & Pres. Barb

Unknown Corvettes

A very nice C2

Red Convertible

John & Sue's '65

Les' mighty ZR1

George's Tweety

The Bradys

Phil's Blower Corvette

Mikey and his ride

Jim & Judi leaving after a fun filled evening

It's very BRITISH you know

Genuine wood dash

Four, count 'em, four cylinders
All kidding aside, it is a very nice, clean Triumph TR4 owned by Dick C.