Maranello Restaurant Dinner

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Maranello Restaurant Dinner - June 20
Hosted by Phil and Cathleen Fischbach

Photos by John Reese  - Thanks John!

Our Hostess & Host, Cathleen & Phil

Pat & Les

Daryl, Dennis & Marty

Mary Lou & Glen, Lorna

Barb is hanging onto Jack - Rick and John in the background

George and Jane, Sue and Karen in the background

Linda & Bob

Robert & Kathleen


Barb and Judy seem to be ready to order dinner

Rick is telling Amy what he wants for dinner

Karen is having a good time

George, Jane, Sue, Karen

Ann and Robert, taken from beyond the wall...

Robert & Bev

Steve & Toni

Nice view of the patio where we ate dinner - it wasn't too warm at all


1929  Pierce Arrow  Cabriolet with rumble seat - owned by Joe Hensler, Maranello owner
The "3 Ps", Pierce, Peerless and Packard were the absolute top luxury brands in America in those days

Steps to enter the rumble seat - nice top with chrome landau irons

If you can drive this, you are an accomplished driver

Something is distracting the guys who went to the lot to admire the Pierce Arrow

Toni & Steve's

Reds have it - again

Convert, ZO6 and 100th Anniversary Grand Sport

Nice lineup

Judy's '90 convertible

Fischbach's stripped convertible