Mammoth Lakes Run 2006

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Hosted by John and Kathy Reese
You were great tour guides!

Six cars at Safeway

Arriving in Markleville

Parked and ready for lunch

Lunch - looks like Flo is sleeping

Over Monitor Pass

Looks like TP in Karen's hand

Parked at view area on Monitor Pass

Milling around

Six Corvettes in a line

From another angle

Pete's ready to shoot

The valley below Monitor

Beautiful stream below

Gondola we didn't take

Hope it doesn't rain on our cars

Devil's Postpile - truly amazing

Can they really fly to Devil's Postpile?

Rapids through the meadow

A local resident

Mary's Lake - there really lakes at Mammoth Lakes!

Kayaker's on Lake Mary

Horseshoe Lake

Near Horseshoe Lake

Carbon dioxide in the ground kills the trees

We hiked .4 mile uphill to McCloud Lake

Checking the lake temperature

What a ski run in the winter!

Coming up the hill from Bishop

Yosemite - Cloud's Rest center left, Half Dome center right

Half Dome to the right of center from the back side

We were just on that road

Bridal Veil Fall

Stopped for sight seeing and photos

The famous Upper Yosemite Fall

Half Dome peeking from behind a cliff

Photos by George Goolsby, Barbara Rodgers, Pete Ruff