Leddington's BBQ - 2007

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Leddington's BBQ
June 17, 2007
Host & Hostess - Bill & Cheryl Leddington

Roger is taking the slow way into the pool

Don't fall in here or you might be fish food

Bob & Pam are enjoying the party

What a great place!

Hi Bill. Great party!

A Vette is arriving

Here comes the group from CP

Lotsa red

George is coming in for a landing

There go the Niemis to the alternate parking

Here comes Jane & Jack

Back in easy George

Jack's turn to land

Bringing in the refreshments

Easy access to the party

Here comes Ann & Dana. Vroom-Vroom

They all avoid the shade and sap

Nice wheels, Dana

These folks staked out the table

Sherry and Ann keeping their tootsies cool

Alternate parking

The advantage of living on a cul-de-sac

Vicki's silver ragtop

More red

Here come the Demareats and the Samoians

While others choose the kitchen for a hangout

Discussing weighty matters, like how to burn an MP3

Anne, Susan, Vicki, Roger

Ribs and Chicks. Yummie

Letting the head settle

Brian and mom Pam

Bill and Ann enjoying the shade

Meanwhile back at the table...

AC enjoying a tasty treat

Gathering around the food

Rick's got his

That's some wing

Who brought the box?

Nice lineup

Brian and Bob enjoying Father's Day

Donn'a being shy

Don't know what happened here, but it's a nice photo anyway

Ron, Ann & Pete, out host Bill

Action Shot! Go Donna!

Photos by Cheryl Leddington