The Leddington's Great BBQ

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The Leddington's Great BBQ
October 1st, 2006

Ready to Boogie

Vettes are arriving

Hey George!

More of the Vettes present

The pirate stands guard while the Vette Set enjoys a cool fall afternoon

Rick, Bob, & Roger

Is this a cool party room?

Flo and Karen enjoying juke box tunes

The ladies are enjoying themselves

It's almost time to eat...

What's that you say, Ron?

Bench racing

Great bar & bbq

It's getting crowded

Watch the kitty!

Overflow parking

The guys have taken over the game room...

...while the ladies relax by the pool

Bar is open!!!

Bob owned this stool

Fantastic outside bar

GREAT backyard

Happy! Happy! Finished dinner

Ladies loved the horny pirate

Mary removed the handle to discourage Bob...

Overflow parking out back

Touchy Feely

Watch the hands Ron

Photos by Cheryl & Bill Leddington and by George Goolsby