Holbrooke Hotel - Union Mine

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Holbrooke Hotel Dinner & Empire Mine Tour
Grass Valley, CA
May 13 & 14, 2016

Club Host - Susan & Marty Keylon

Photos by Vicki Braithwaite, Marty Keylon, & Ron Niemi

It's an old time hotel, with lots of charm

"Daryl sucking down a cool one" - per the photographer

Is Barbara taking orders?

Happy crowd waiting to order

Drinks have been served

Daryl seems to like that glass

Toast Niemi!   Hi Les

Tom, Gary, Barbara & Dick

On to the Mine the next day

Hard Rock mining

Getting ready to play miner

Covering Les's ZO6 from the camera

The door to the right is the entrance to a huge maze - don't get lost

Vicki & Tom

Ron & Sherry


Susan found Marty

The less said about this picture the better

Dick with Marty & Susan

Tom & Vicki

Where are your picks guys?

This part of the site is a lot nicer looking

Kind of puts the Preston Castle we recently visited to shame

But this was a money making outfit, unlike Preston

Plenty of roses to scratch you

Mine machinery

Ore car, the mules pulled trains of these

Large oven

Unused mine machines

The guys and Barb seem to be hiding a donkey engine

This is serious stuff

Hard work

Poor mules spent their entire lives underground

This is a model of the mine with all its shafts shown

Stairs for the visitors


Ron, Pat, Susan