July 4th 2006 Parade-Picnic

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Fourth of July Parade & Picnic
First we paraded through Pleasant Valley and then we partied at Sly Park
It was an awesome day!

Preparing for the Parade

First arrivals at the Park & Ride

More arrivals

Jim's Milestone is easy to notice

Don't back into the photographer, Lou

Our usual spot for decorating the cars

Rick in the middle is supervising

Tom's 50th Anniversary model

Pam is preparing her car

Shay has done a nice job of decorating


Small flags do it for Jim

Selma, Rick & Pete are checking the work

Mark's Z06 is well dressed

As is Rick & Karen's

Tom's looks great as usual

Roger & Donna's C4 is getting dressed

Most of the work is done

That's a nice big flag

Robin & Lou's

The clean look

More minimalist decoration

Ditto for this one

Happy times

Just waiting now

Photos by Tom Learned

The Picnic

Ann looks bored...

Anne getting another beverage

Bob looks happy

Body English

Body language

I can't believe I got this hat

Chow's on

Club's cute baby

Good throw

Harland's colors

It's bad manners to point

Jim has another dessert

Keith has the Anderson's attention

Kickin' back

Mark and his sweetie

Mike has their attention

More of the group

Nice follow through

Nice form

One of the brothers is missing

People, people everywhere

Phil with his new hat

Rick's turn

Taking a rest

This will be good

Three Barbaras

What a group

What a wind-up

Wife borrows cap

Women too

You do me & I'll do you

Nice place for a picnic

Everybody looks happy

Kimberly and Phill among others

Corvette parking

Black and Blue

Bob & mary among others

Meanwhile down at the lake...

Julia, Shay, & Mark


Forth of July Fun!

Phil's new hat - he wears it well

Somethin's funny

Perfect place for a picnic

Photos by George Goolsby and Ron Nieme