Event Planning Meeting

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CPCC Annual Event Planning Meeting
Where 2014 Events are planned
Hosted by Vicki & Tom Braithwaite
Photo by John Reese

BBQ provided by the club, WORK provided by Tom & Vicki

This was the line for building your burger

Condiments and later desert - but not until after the meeting

The bar was open before the meeting

Jon is keeping Dee & Jim company

Lorna, Carol, Bill, Pete

Patty, Robert, Marty, Bob, Dennis, Mikey, Susan

Same as above with John at the end

Pres. Daryl, Dave - cool hat!, Lorna

Sue, Karen, Patty, Robert, Bob

This is a test - fill in the names

Kevin and Ken kept us up to date with events in the outside world via their phones

Tom worked hard to keep everything running smoothly

We're taking notes for this page and the Events Page

Vicki and Barb kept the meeting going smoothly

That's Winston with his back to the camera, and his wife Lorna in blue

Wine and sunshine in January!

The pool actually looked inviting

Thanks for the help guys!

What are you looking at?


The group got through the entire year

Is Bob singing?

The shade felt pretty good - it was that warm

Several note takers

Kevin used his phone to look up other events

Dave, Winston, Marilyn

Jon, Dee

Liked the deck clean

Tom at work

Dick relaxing

Hi Ya Rick!