Deschutes River Run 2006

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Deschutes River Run, Redmond, Oregon
Held at Eagle Crest Resort  - July 7, 8, & 9 2006
Our hosts at the run, Jim & Anne Lankford


The Lankford's place

Complete with several Corvettes

Marveling at Jim's hood-art

Five hundred five horses live here

Anne displays her Corvette Passion

Enjoying the evening on the deck

Looking up at the rear of the house


Checking some photos

John & Patty relaxing

These ladies love Corvettes

Entrance to Eagle Crest Resort

Horses of another color

The Inn

The Conference Center

From a different angle

Patty & John are tearing tickets for the drawing

"I hope I win big!"

Sherry always looks happy

Sherry & Ron

John & Patty

Anne is measuring $20 worth of tickets

Jim Lankford and Clarissa

Pete & Ann

Pete is "driving" with his eyes closed

Barbara & George

Selma & Jim

The club's banner, with trophys below

Just some of the awesome prizes waiting to be won

"I can't remember if I like blush or Chardonnay"

These "runners" will deliver the prizes to the winners

Jim Lankford is certainly enjoying this party as are Selma & Jim

Jim won something big

He's making sure it goes in HIS car

Ann & Pete saying "Goodnight"

Sherry had a great time too

Photos by John Reese

Saturday's Car Show

Ron's Y2K Vette at the car show

Another shot of Ron's

Jim's Bad Boy Z06

Groceries go in there

Part of the C6 lineup

C5s in the background

Anne's baby

Pretty under the hood too

Swing-up doors are cool looking

It was a nice car

Relaxing in the C4 area

Photos by Ron Niemi