Cameron Park Fire Crab Feed

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Cameron Park Fire Crab Feed
Church of the Foothills - Cameron Park
Hosted by George Goolsby
Photo by John Reese

The crab feed was to benefit these folks

Our gang is arriving

Daryl is trying to peek into the black beast

Ann & Pete arrived at the same time

The hall was pretty crowded

George and Mikey discuss Corvettes while the FD waits in the background

Pat, Barb and VIcki

Daryl & Lorna

Daryl welcomes Les back from the desert

Mikey & Patty

Debbie & Mike hamming it up

Mary and her friend

Barbara & George our Host

Vicki & Tom

Tom watching Kathy

Pat and Barb

A good time was had

Pete & Ann

Looks like the Prez is laying down the law...

Lorna won those two large beer bottles and a t-shirt

She has to go to the brewery in Placerville to fill them

Finger pointing

Jack made it too, but at a different table

Last but not least, Jane!