Chili Cook-Off & Rib BBQ

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Chili Cook-Off & Rib BBQ
September 15, 2012
Event Host Bill & Carol Mueller and George Goolsby
Photos by Barbara Collier
and John Reese - Thanks as usual!

Patty is the bingo number caller, Bill is enjoying the fun

Ann and Tom trying for a big win

Looks yummy Vickie

Carol is reacting to the flash

John & Kathy enjoying bingo

Da Prez is bringing in chili ice cream - honest!

Enjoying pre dinner Hors d'oeuvres and conversation

Dennis is helping Skip find something

Chef George's ribs were exceptional

And John agrees

Mikey & Patty choosing which chili to try, while Les looks on intently

Mikey, the chili ice cream is right in front of you

It was hard to decide which of the five (not counting ice cream) chilies to try

Corvette parking maybe

Here are some Corvettes

Nice one Dennis

One of my favorite Corvettes, 100 Year Anniversary model

Lavonne's black beauty Grand Sport

Lavonne's from the other side

Overflow, non-Corvette parking - there is plenty of room to park a semi