Calaveras Big Trees Run

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Calaveras Big Trees Run
July 29, 2007
Club Host - George Goolsby & Barbara Rodgers
with Bob & Mary Graham
- George you outdid yourself! Thanks -

And we were near the back of the line...

The Prez is about to speak

Lots of relaxing and visiting

Julia, Annette, and Larry

Barb is going to take a picture

Mr. ZO6

Hey Joker, where's Batman?

Jane and Flo are happy

Janet's driving Kevin

Jerry & Flo are here

Jim & Annette arrive

Jim seems to know what he's talking about

John & Darla wait patiently

Jon & Susan are topless

Long line out the gate

Looking to snag something

Looks like Savios

Who is this?

Why can't Susan drive?

Mike & Barbara walk right through

Big Trees

Nice form Steve

Nice round numbers

No one would look at the camera

Now this is really serious

Park and bring the drinks

Pete & Ann are leaving with Janet

Steve has his balls swinging

Steve has something important to say

Steve is giving free advice

The Grahams were crusin'

The group walks the path

The reason we came here

Time to head home

Vicki and Anne are relaxed

Vicki's looking good

What's going on Steve?

Rick and Jack

You do me and I'll do you

Flo and Jane having a chat

Stump of a 600 year old tree

The docent explains the tree's history

The stump is large to to hold a dance on

Anne seems lift out...

Bob and Dana found the way

Can't tell who is driving

Colliers made it

Could be Jack & Jane

Could Phil be Italian?

Dana found a glass of grape

Somebody is hiding in the shadows

Dana is reving them

Dana wins, has the most balls

Found those in the doggie park

Happiness table

Here's the winner

Highway 49, headed home

The pickup is slowing us down

Photos by:  Barbara Rodgers, Karen & Rick Samoian,  and Anonymous