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Run to the Blackhawk
August 18, 2007
Hosted by Dan & Laura Groat
A great time from start to finish!

Bob, Annette, Jim & Selma enjoying the Groat's continental breakfast

Kathy, Laure, Ann and Janet having a good time

Vette parking at the groats

Jim is telling Pete how he installed his new garage floor

Two convertibles

Replace your battery by its fifth birthday or ...

You may need a jump

First floor viewed from upstairs

A Rolls Royce from the teens

Wood body beauty

Fender closeup

A different perspective

Mercedes SSK, judged by some as the most beautiful car of all time

My favorite, a one-off 16 cylinder Cadillac from the thirties

Georgous, if heavy looking, front end

Notice the detail of this parking light

Ferrari, Benz, Benz, Ferrari

The lone Corvette

Same car, different angle

Dying gasp of Pierce Arrow, the Silver Arrow. Sidemount spare is hidden in the fender

The Silver Arrow from the back

A beauty, in spite of the heavy grill

300SL Gull-wing door MB coupe

300SL roadster, came after the coupe. Notice the European headlights on this one.

Jaguar XKSS, a roadgoing version of the racing D type. And a '57 T-Bird too

Sleek Ferrari

Enjoying a great lunch at Alberto's Cantina

From a different angle

Hanging out in the parking lot, waiting and waiting

About the only time we saw the double nickel on the way home - Bob, ahead of us, was in a hurry!

Photos by Dan & Laura Groat and Anonymous