Angels Camp Picnic

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Angels Camp Picnic
May 19, 2013
A BIG Thanks to Bob & Mary Graham, John & Kathy Reese, George Goolsby and Bill & Carol Mueller who put on a FANTASTIC event
Photos by John Reese - Thanks John

Utica Park site of this monument and our Angels Camp Picnic

The Gang's all here

Ready to enjoy the best event of the year!

Some of the raffle prizes

A variety of prizes

The balloon toss - who will get wet?

That's Mike ready to toss but where is his balloon?

Kathy toss to your partner, not the photographer

Get it ready Pat

You had better keep your eye on the balloon Les

Coach Bob in the middle eventually got soaked

An Amador Corvette

Some of the Corvettes lined up

Right to left, an Amador car, Ron's, Georges, and a mystery box van

Dennis', Robert's, Amador, John's Z, Richard's

This very nice looking '64 is a fuelie, and belongs to an Amador member

Dennis's beauty

Richard's is very red

Les's ZR1

Phil's wind machine

Bill's ZO6


Dennis & Dori's Grand Sport


Ron's - he let his son John drive it today

Amador Club cars

Tom's and Jan's - you can't miss Jan's if you see him around town

Trying to get into the shade

We got our banner back!

Amador Friends - they had a great time too

More from Amador - we really enjoyed their company

Mike posing while Debbie works on the quiz

Chef George & Barb - Thanks for ALL you do George!

It was a tough quiz

This is how you win 50 bucks!

Allen & Kim

Daryl & Lorna

Amador folks

Carole (waiting for the raffle to begin)  & Tom

Dori & Dennis

Jon & Susan

Robert & Bev working out the answers

Patty is enjoying the quiz, while Mikey looks on

Thanks for all the help Bill!

John Niemi and Papa Ron

Carol had a good time

Two nice ladies enjoying the day

Vicki & Tom both worked hard to ensure a good time for all

Kathy the quizmaster - it was tough

See what I mean, no satisfied early finishers here

Listening for the correct answers

Lavonne then Cathleen, Phil, Les, Pat...

Debbie seems to have done all the work on the quiz

Barb working on the quiz too