Woodbridge Crossing Lunch

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Vicki's Woodbridge Lunch Run
April 27, 2014
Hosted by Vicki Braithwaite
Photo by John Reese

This is the place

Nice parking lot with wide spaces

Don't get too close to the curb

Yellows gather together

Another angle

Bill's C5 ZO6 next to Daryl's BADLULU

Nice lineup

Pat's new C7 convertible - nice!

The restaurant entrance

Robert & Bev

Susan & Jon

Jim & DEe

Run Host Vicki

Vicki's banged knee...

...didn't seem to slow her down

Cheryl & Gary

George lookin' good

Bill & Carol

Lorna and Vicki

Pat & Les

Dave & Marilyn

Les and Daryl

Trains are all over

Mary Lou & Glenn

Bev taking a picture

Vicki you're looking GREAT!