1st Volcano Run 2007

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Old Guy's Run to Volcano

March 3, 2007
Event Hosts Rick & Karen Samoian

Sometime last year some of us old retired guys decided to get together on a weekday and exercise our Corvettes.  We have been out on the backroads whenever the weather cooperated, usually with 3 or 4 cars.  On this day, being a weekend, the wives joined us, as did a lot of folks who aren't retired but still enjoy getting their Corvettes out for a run.

Rear view mirror shot of George or John

Highway 49 with 6 Corvettes ahead

Held up by a SUV...

Our destination - the little town of Volcano

We came for the eats!

Rick, George, Jack & Jerry parked right out front

It's a quiet place to relax

Mike, Pete & John, ZO6 pilots

Jerry is out back

Lunch was ably served at the bar, and we had the place to ourselves

Different perspective on the colorful lineup

Your's truly waiting to go

Overlooking the town

This church predates all of us

Photos by Mike & Janet Gould and Linda Miller - thanks!