Vicki's Mystery Dinner

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Vicki's Mystery Dinner
Tom & Vicki's 40th Anniversary
Zinfandel Grill - Sacramento, CA
August 23
, 2015
Club Hosts  Tom & Vicki Braithwaite

Photos by John Reese

This is the place

Parking Lot Shots - Reese, Carlisle

2 Blower Corvettes - Phil's, Les's

Vicki's & Bob's

George's GS, Dick's convertible

ZO6 from the back

Sure is a lot of yellow

Our own menu

Honorees Tom & Vicki

Glenn & Mary Lou

Vicki with Kathy & Tom

Vicki with LaRee & Darrell

Don & Susan Ferguson

Barb & George

Phil & Cathleen

Dick & Barb

Back of Dick's shirt

Marty & Susan

Pat & Les

Bob & Mary