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Vettes for Vets & American Muscle - Sacramento, CA
May 25
, 2015
Club Host Jan Janca

Photos Eddie Pesce and John Reese

Eddie's new Corvette

From the front with Tom's ZO6 on the right

Club photog John has his camera ready


A USAF veteran, Jan's Corvette honors veterans everywhere

"Land of the Free"

New engine decorations

Jan's Corvette is very shiny too, never driven on wet days

Another angle

New member Ron's new ZO6

He drove it home from Bowling Green

One mean looking Corvette!

Nice wheels too

Tom's ZO6

Another good looker

Black or Blue ZO6, that is the question...

Eddie's Stngray

This looks like Rob and Peggy Sue's '82, 'cause it is!

Eddie's brother's '56

Where the power comes from

A lineup of Corvettes under the freeway

More shine

Down the row of CPCC Corvettes

They all look great

Some oldies