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Vettes for Vets
Sacramento under the freeways
November 5, 2011
Event Host Phil Fischbach
Photos by Rob Croswhite

Most of the CPCC cars on display

Further down the line of CPCC cars

Mike Morgan's '02 coupe and Tom's '79

Jack's '03 Millennium Yellow coupe and Robert's '85 coupe

Robert's again and Miguel's which won again!

Skip's Grand Sport and the Blue Angel in the background

Webmaster's Gold '69 - 42 years old on Nov. 1, 2011

A nice mid-year with a 502 big block

502 from the other end

A nice '70 just after a frame-off in Placerville - car lives in Manteca

Same '70 from the rear

Gotta love red Corvettes of any vintage

Same car, other side

A C3 wanna-be.  Raced at 24 hours of Le Mons - fully video equiped


Da Prez's supercharged '05 Convertible

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That's All Folks!