Vette Magic 2008

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June 7th - Points Car Show
June 8th - Corvette Only Drags
Two Days of Fun in the Sun!
Event Host - Dana Jones

Videos - Warning these are ~4.5M files
Click to watch Dana Click to watch Bill

Nice setting for a Corvette show

Phil's '64 - 2nd place in C2 Modified class!!!

Jim's 1st Place in the C4 stock class

Tom's 1st Place in the C3 Custom class

Annette and Phil are enjoying the sights

Nice shirt Tom

Yo Dana!

Some of the CPCC hoi polloi

Mr. Cigar and Jon S.

Shay and Annette

Angel's 99

750 HP

Cool 72 LT1

Cool Headlights Yuk - Acutally they are roadrace lights

Our Own Jim Lankford's ZO6

Jim's hood

Paint Job

Is it memorex or is it real

A very patriotic Stingray

Many different generations

Nice C3 BB

Tricked out

Nice Black ZO6

ZO6's engine

'60 Vette

C3 vs. C6ZO6

Fast '64

Fast C6

Mark & Dana 1

Mark & Dana 2

Mark & Dana 3

Dana going to stage

Dana's pulling ahead

Lots of Vettes

More Vettes

And still Vettes more waiting to run

There's Darla!

Here comes Daryl - first time out on the road or track for this car!

The ole Vette looks smart

Daryl's getting last minute instructions

Choosing the lane


Two C6s

An ersatz ZO6.

Photos by Ron Niemi, Jim Poe, and Anon.