Vette Magic 20

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Vette Magic 20 - Points Show
- Rancho Cordova, CA
September 24th, 2016

Photos by
Ken Cleek and Eddie Pesce

3 of 10 CPCC winners - Dennis Humphery, John Manos, Ken Cleek

Ken with his plaque

Plaque close-up

A nice '78 Pace Car

Blue taillights = afterburners on

Kathy's 7th Place C6 Modified Winner

Kathy's LILCHRY bomb - She had a nice display in there

Part of the venue

Proud lady with her Corvette

NCCA clothing for sale

Z06 Roadster with the new California Heat Transfer License Plate Alternative

Cleanup in progress

The shady side - that's Ken's winning C6 GS near right


Eddie with his first place plaque

Boardwalk in Redwood City will sell you a Corvette or two

Somebody's new Convertible

'62 in red-red

Red lettered tires say ZO6

The owner must like it

Miguel's - notice mirror under spare tire carrier...

In the mirror - mural on Miguel's spare tire carrier

Miguel's engine room with American flag and American Muscle logo