Vette Magic Show & Lunch

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Vette Magic Show & Lunch at Rudy's
June 7, 2014
Club Host Daryl Partlow
Photo by John Reese

Miguel's '69 looking for a trophy

Got Chrome?

Red and Black C7

Red with less black C7

Red ZR1 in C4 guise

4 cam - 32 valve small block - 405 HP

Former member Carman with their award winning '59

Then we went to lunch down the street at Rudy's Hideaway...

Cheryl & Gary, Lane, George

Cheryl & Gary

Karen & Rick

Glenn & Mary Lou

Les & Pat

Ann giving her order while Pete nervously looks on

Bob & Ron

Corvette parking at Rudy's

Better lineup than at Vette Magic

Tha't Ron's C6 in the foreground, then Bob's C7

That must mean Black Knight