Vette Magic 2009

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June 6-7, 2009
Event Host - Tom Krakker - car show
This annual event consists of a judged show on Saturday, and Corvette only drags on Sunday.  All photos by John Reese

A long-time fovorite, John & Carmem's '59

Another angle shot

Engine room

Jphn's seat

From the rear

Jim & Annette's Grand Sport, another winner

Nice '64, where is the periscope?

Flames anybody?

C3 with Le Mans style lights

Same car showing off its big block.

Like is says on the door.....

And badder still

Notice the blower straps.

Burn out!

More tire smoke


Red seems to be faster

Nice looking Z on its way

He just did a launch, no speed today

That's our Pam on her way to the finish

Another shot of Pam's car

This car sounded great!