Corvettes at Lake Tahoe

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Corvettes at Lake Tahoe - Stateline, NV
June 26
, 2015
Club Hosts  Ken Cleek and Kevin Hatten

Photos John Reese and Eddie Pesce

VC main street before the influx of Corvettes

Strolling to the del Rio

CPCC crew favorite lunch spot

Before CPCC arrived

The place filled up fast

Glenn & Mary Lou

Dennis and son Mark

Eddie is always clowning around

Eddie's selfie

Black ZR1 owners....

Kellie and dad Kevin - run co-host

Sandra & Ken - run co-host

Chuck & Delores

Brenda & Bob

Some elected to park in the lot

Others on the street, giving a fine show to VC arrivals

Blue ZO6

Corvettes here, Corvettes there, Corvettes seemingly everywhere

One of the enduring sights in VC

Another famous sight and tourist hangout

Interior of the BOB

Meanwhile back at the show, Corvettes galore

Our old friend John

John & Carmen's beautiful '59

We had two groups drive up Friday, early and later

John and Dick surrounded by Corvette owners

Dick and Les in the foreground, Corvettes in the background

Potent '61/'62

My pal Bill Verboon's 2015 ZO6

Bill himself

Bill and I used to wrench on B-52s, including this very one - tail number 57-6491

Nice big block

He says, "BRING 1T"

Dressed up small block

'67 Stinger hood on a '63 or '64 - those side exhaust weren't offered until '65 earliest

Steve's '64?

Best of Show for the last show (2013)

His engine

They even let a FoMoCo car in


LaRee & Darrell

Darrell on the left, Ken talking to Bob, while Sandra and Brenda chat

CPCC members having a good time as usual

Daryl & Lorna with back to camera, Barb, Vicki, Marty & Susan, Pat talking to Brenda, Bob watching