Day Run to Tahoe

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Day Run to Tahoe - Tahoe City, CA
June 14
, 2014
Club Host - Kevin Hatten
Photos by John Reese

Line up at the start - Starbucks - Rocklin Rd. & Sierra College

More cars

In total, about 24 cars

Road Captain Kevin at driver's meeting

An attentive bunch of drivers

1st rest stop - Donner Summit

We took a lot of parking spaces with our well behaved group

Nine Corvettes in this shot - nice!

Lunch was at Jake's on the Lake - part of this mall complex

We dined on the deck with nice views of the lake and harbor

Even a couple of wooden beauties were here

Run Hosts Kevin and Kathy

Jim, Marty, Pete

Susan and Judi

Bob, Susan, Jan

George, Mary, Jon

Danny & Cindy - joined in April

Tom & Kathy

Sandra & Ken

John & Michelle Metaxas Black ZR-1 owners - Friends of Kevin's

Dennis & Dori

Darrell & LaRee Brunelli - River City Corvettes - Friends of Glenn & Mary Lou

Cheryl & Gary

Mary Lou & Glenn

The deck where we enjoyed a delicious lunch

Hey George!

Another shot of the same table

Taking orders

Backs to the lake

Cathy studying the menu

Then a stop here for a last of Nevada lifestyle

There is the Vettes for Vets winner on the right

Kevin taking care of business

More of the cars lined up at the Lakeside Inn

Good shot of Ken's Grand Sport