Corvettes at Lake Tahoe

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Corvettes at Lake Tahoe
June 14, 2013
Participant Judged Car Show - Overnighter at MontBleu
Photos by John Reese - Thanks John

Looking at the lake from the patio at the Beacon Restaurant

You're dining right by the beach, gives it a vacation feel

Jon & Susan

Mary & Bob

Bob is so busy with his phone the world passes him by

Daryl & Lorna

Cathleen & Phil

Show Venue - On the left you could have Lambo doors installed while you wait!

A GS in the C6 class

Nice detailing on the fuel rail covers

Owned by CPCC's Robert & Kathleen Elliott

A ZO6 in the right color - no it's not the webmaster's


A nice looking '65 Fuelie

Performance Sixties style

This '61 is a RestoRod

That shiny thing is called a power adder among other names

Don't be fooled, it's a C6 under the skin

The nicest old/new Corvette mod I've seen

Big Block Midyear

'65 or '66, very similar

Last Year's Best of Show