Corvettes at Tahoe - 2008

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June 20-22, 2008
Event Host - Larry Savio & Dana Jones

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Nice slide show

Safeway parking lot waiting for blastoff!

The motorhome is NOT with us

Nice lineup

The ladies seem to be attracted to yellow

Lotsa white hair

John & Darla's beauty

Another angle

Phil's neat C2

Dana & Ann's ZO6

They say all Corvettes are... Yellow?

Do you like your yellow C6Z with Competition Grey or polished wheels?

IFO Identified Flying Object

Two IFO's! Hint - in the background

Virginia City parking off the main drag

The back of Main St. buildings - above the parking lot

And they call it Main Street - imagine that

The famous Bucket of Blood Saloon

A few of the denizens of the Bucket

Meanwhile back at the event - a very nice '58

You like purple?

Nice shiny big block

John & Carmens' Best C1 and Best of Show '59

A very nice '61 with a hardtop

Larry's Lingenfelter - say that 5 times real fast

Larry is making sure his car is the way he wants it to look

Dana keeps it looking great

Another angle

Different flames

This is the way to remove windshield divots. He did a supurb job for George.

Looking down the strip

Another shot of the strip

This is what a track only ZO6 looks like

They closed down Highway 50!

Uncle Sam joined the festivities

Since it's a Ferrari, we'll let in our Corvette site

'56 or '57, not all body panels fit quite right yet...

One of Bob Bondurant's Z51 for track days

Phil had TWO Corvettes to keep the pollen off

Skip & Carla's '06

Phil out for another trophy

This is a special edition "427" model

JOhn's Z is looking great as usual

Nice C2 coupe. Spray bottle not recommended accessory

Photos by John Reese & Anon.