Tahoe Corvettes June 2006

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4th Annual Corvettes at Lake Tahoe - Sponsored by the Lake Tahoe Corvette Club

Photos provided by the event organizers - Click the links below to view the pics
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CPCC Hosts - John & Carmen Clemens

Welcome to the Show!

If you're looking for Cesars, it's now MontBleu - And Corvettes are taking over!

Carson City is over the hill - but Corvettes rule!

A Summer afternoon thunderstorm came through and cooled things off - but no rain fell

This is where the action was for the weekend

As seen from the hotel tower

Everybody was more than ready for the BBQ lunch

Bob Graham synchronizing his watch?

Poker Run - Hoping to draw a good card!

John & Carmen proudly pose beside their beauty

There is no doubt where this car is - can you say casino?

This '59 looks like the day it left St. Louis

Just inside the front door

From the back

Are these contraband photos?

The guys with white gloves are the motive power for this trip

Threading through the aisles and people isn't easy

A Corvette Museum delivery C6 Z06!

Some of the cars near "Vender Alley"

Mr. Noland Adams was there and gave a good seminar

Noland's '53

Speed Lingerie showing off their wares

A couple of cars came down from British Columbia!

The Horizon tower

Barbara & George

Skip & Carla were inspired to buy a new C6!

On the right new members Roger & Donna Campbell

Kathy Reese and Anne Jones - their hubbies were on either side of them

Ditto Mary Graham and Sherry Niemi

This '55 had an LS1 and modern suspension but looked original save the steering wheel, gearshift, and radio. It was in the banquet room

Ron must be hearing a good joke

Ron and Yours Truly

Mary and Sherry having a good time

Kathy and Anne again

Joined by Dana - it was a fun time

Bob & Mary

Sherry & Ron

Pete & Ann

The Twins - George and Skip

Mr. Corvette - Dick Guldstrand - from aerospace engineer to Corvette racer and tuner. He got a standing ovation after his scintillating talk.

And he will be 80 next year!

The hotel had some nice amenities like this nighttime pool shot

And there were fireworks too!

Photos by John Reese, Ron Niemi, and John & Carmen Clemens