Sunnyside Tahoe Lunch Run

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Sunnyside Restaurant Lunch Run
August 9, 2013

Club Hosts: John & Kathy Reese
Photos by John Reese

This is the place!  Let's see... Rooms Available - No Vacancy

George's, John's, Glenn's

A sign that as a group we're getting older and frailer


This nice blue GS is owned by Dennis & Dori Honig

Nice view of the lake - is that a wooden boat?

Lunch outdoors, what could be better

Another group shot

Secretary Lorna & Daryl

Winston & Gloria

Les & Pat

Mary & Bob

Marty & Dennis

Jim & Dee Bryant, friends of John & Kathy

Dori & Dennis

Mary & Glenn

Nice hat George.  Mikey, what's up?

Lane & Sharon

Lookin' good Lesley!

This looks like a nice setting for lunch

And a bar too