St. Patty's Diner

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St. Patty's Day Dinner
March 17, 2015
Club Hosts Barbara & Dick Collier

Photos by
John Reese and Marty Keylon

Host Barbara worked the kitchen

Barb with the cake

Happy St. Patrick's Day to you LaVonne

Judy and Bob

Bob is selling raffle tickets for the big drawing

Sue and Cathleen

Meanwhile back in the kitchen

The cake we all enjoyed

Preparing something out of sight

Bill & Carol

Check out those smiles

The cooks may be conspiring

Pete & Ann

Rick & Karen

Richard & Eileen

Eileen and Marilyn

Susan & Jon, Marty

Marty and HIS Susan

The cake was delish

Cody would like just a bit of cake, please

Cathleen in green

Lorna and Kathy

Peggy Sue & Rob - great to see you both

Lots of tables and Corvetters

A nice view of the dining area

John and Dave having a chat

Daryl was the big raffle winner

Hey Judy