Sportsman's Hall Lunch Run

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Sportsman's Hall Lunch Run
Ice Cream Social
Pollock Pines, CA
September 10th, 2016

Club Hosts - Marty & Susan Keylon

Photos by John Reese, Barb Collier, and Marty Keylon

Meet up at Schnell School parking lot

Members kibitzing while waiting for the run to the Sportsmans Hall

Admiring Kevin's new Stingray

Torch Red

Guys in the shade, ladies in the sun

Nice lineup of Corvettes

John the photographer is getting photographed

Another shot of Kevin's

Ron's ZO6


Ahhh, we all know BadLuLu's reputaton


Rick & Karen's


How you spell ecstasy on a license  plate

That would be Glenn's

The bar at the Sportsmans Hall

Mary & Bob, Richard

Allen, Eileen, and Kim

Dick, Daryl, Marty

Barb, Lorna, Pat

David & Patricia


Mary Lou & Glenn


Kathy & Tom

Lavonne and Kathy

Patty and Lavonne

Karen & Rick

Vicki & Tom

That's a nice crowd politely waiting for lunch

Not so here...

Les seems to be giving the word to Allen & Kim

Kathy, Lorna, Tom

Kathy and Kathy - imagine that

Robert looks great

Glenn says "Two!"

Lavonne is looking good and happy

Lorna with Tom

Lorna getting around with Lavonne and Kathy here

Lorna with Tom and Pat

Karen & Rick

David & Patricia

Daryl and Marty

Another shot of this table

Corvettes lined up at Marty's place

Looking through the trees

Guys relaxing at Marty's after a big lunch and a long drive

Livin' the good life

Yes, it was billed as an Ice Cream Social

Toppings for the ice cream

Relaxing on the deck

Daryl and the ladies checking out Marty's big shower room - can't call it a stall