Vicki's Run to Sportsmans

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Run to Sportsmans Hall
February 15, 2015
Club Host Tom & Vicki Braithwaite

Photos by Ken Cleek and Patty McCoy

This was the first run for Vicki's new C7!

Gary's, Ken's, Daryl's

And Vicki arrives with co-pilot Tom

Checkin' out the new wheels

Corvette parking at the Sportsmans Hall

As Jon shows, everybody had a good time

Daryl bowing to the camera

The menu was short but filled with good stuff

Marty is explaining something

HiYa Susan

Lunch is over

Another view

Patty is everywhere with her iPad

Judi & Jim

That's Peggy Sue with her back to the camera

Ann's checking out Barbara's phone

George & Barbara

Vicki's new wheels