Sloughhouse Birthdays

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September Birthdays Celebration Dinner
Sloughhouse Inn - Sloughhouse, CA
September 21, 2014

Hosted by Dennis & Mardette Humphrey
Photo by John Reese

This is the place!

Parking Pictures Lot First

Ken's GS and a black C5 coupe

Marty's ZO6

John's GS

Brenda & Bob Wheatley's '05 Z51 Coupe

Pat's C7 convertible

Chuck's '94 Competition Yellow Coupe

Red-Red-Red, Jon's, unknown, Glenn's

John & Sue Cook's '06 Convertible, Dennis & Dori's '14 Blade Silver Coupe

Vicki's '00 Sebring Silver Metallic Convertible

Not sure whose? Help please

Dennis's '04 Le Mans Blue Commemorative Coupe

George's '13 GS

Richard's '04 Torch Red Coupe

Gary & Cheryl Duncan's Blade Silver Coupe

And now the folks who attended

Event Hosts - Marty & Dennis

Patty, Marty, Lorna, Sue

Vince Carlisle and friends

Brenda & Bob Wheatley

Marty & Susan

Dennis & Dori

Les & Pat - what a smile

George and...

...Barbara with her new phone

Lorna & Daryl, Sectary and President

Tom & Vicki

Richard & Eileen

Gary & Cheryl

Dee & Jim

John & Sue

Delores & Chuck

Sandra & Ken

Susan & Jon

Daryl kibitzing with the band during a break

Warming up the fingers

"Hey, I can play too!"

The Prez of Louie Louie fame gives it a try