San Simeon Run 2004

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Many Corvettes are red!

Fuel Injection 21st Century style

Hi Shay!

Harland and San Luis Reservoir in the background

CPCC parking in Gilroy, but some aren't ours...

Nice lineup CPCC on the right

Back ends

Early AM lineup for the run to the beach

So many Corvettes

Waiting to go

These are ours

Familiar faces

Birds-eye vies

From the rooftop?

How many Corvettes? I can't remember, but a LOT

Another lineup, this one to go

Love those colors

We're in the middle background

Sun's up!

Harland on the right, Mark on the left.

Hurry up and wait!

Nearing the coast

Follow along

The Pacific on the left

The salt air smells great

Nice cars!

Homeward bound

The two Photo Gallery's are a different type.  Each contains 5 photos, the second is a continuation of the first.. 


These two Gallery's take you through the turns of Calif. Highway 1


All photos by Jim Poe & Annette Kono