Reiff's Gas Station Museum

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Reiff's Gas Station Museum
March 7, 2015
Club Host Gary & Cheryl Duncan

Photos by
John Reese

Vicki's new Pride & Joy

Proud Vicki

This is the tour destination

Takes you back...

That's a Ford in front of Bob's Big Boy

Gary's and Vicki's C7s

Another angle

C7 & C5

Remember these old fixtures?

Oscar Meyer pedal car, how cool

If you remember these, you're old

State of the art test gear in 1950

Cool bicycle - what every kid wanted

More signs from yesteryear

There is Gary with his cool shirt checking out the neat stuff

Remember using one of these - don't get your arm caught in the wringer

You're really old if you remember using one of those glass topped gas dispensers
You pump the amount of gas up by hand to the glass container then let it flow out

More pedal toys and old kitchen furniture

Mary Lou, Cheryl, Kathy, Helena, Allen, and Mary enjoying the ambience

Group photo - everybody looks like they are having a good time

Lunch was here - Main Street Winters

Waiting around to be seated

Gary and Tom, Dan and Jim

Susan, Cheryl, Gary

Marty & Susan

Tom & Vicki

Dennis & Dori, Mary Lou & Glenn

Darrell & LaRee to the left

Dan & Helena to the left of Darrell & LaRee

That's Jim & Judi on the left

Kathy, Kim & Allen

Richare & Eileen

Group shot

The other end of the table