Railtown 1897 - Jamestown

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Railtown 1897 State Historic Park
May 10
, 2015
Club Host Glenn & Mary Lou Carlisle

Photos by
Marty Keylon

For more information about the park LINK

Meet up in Plymouth - Pat's new ZO6 convertible

Reserved Corvette parking at Railtown

Marty's ZO6

The shade didn't last

7 Corvettes made this run, 42.8% were ZO6s

An attentive audience listens as our guide begins the tour

Dieter gave an excellent tour and answered questions expertly

Old number 3 - built in 1891 and still running

#3s tender - this is said to be the world's most photographed locomotive, and a movie star several times over

#3 in the background, we're navigating through the roundhouse

Tender of the locomotive below

This is how a locomotive is "refurbished" so it can be steamed again

The firebox and boiler tubes are completely disassembled and new parts installed where needed

Controls on fireman's side of locomotive cab

Eileen & Richard passing through a restored coach

Ditto Ann & Pete

Sharon & Lane

Hosts Mary Lou & Glenn

Looks like Marty took a selfie with Susan

This White truck/bus/ambulance is how management reached the railhead and injured workers were transported

Part of the shop area

Ford Model T railcar

It was said John Wayne rode this handcar for a movie made here

Susan and Pat in the First Class coach we rode

Pete and Les

The car had a barber shop and many "luxury" features

The diesel locomotive that powered our train

Closeup of 1265

This is the fire crew - they follow the train looking for fires in the ties
Dripping oil from the locomotive can start a tie fire - this crew puts them out