Primm Poker Run March '06

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Lunch at reststop on the way there

Where it is.....

Same sign in daylight.

Yep, Buffalo Bill's

This is downtown Primm!

Complete with a monorail

Home for the weekend. Is that a Mustang????

Having fun, fun, fun

Barbara & Paul

Check Shaylynn's eyes

Get the big guy where it hurts

Hi Kathy!

More action at the table

Cool shirt, Stan

Elvis is back????

Let's eat!

Chow Hounds

Check Point

Another Check Point

Dodge cut in...

Girls entertaining

Great Elvis

Happy Happy

Like the paint

Lots of Vettes

How was that roller coaster Stan?

Lots more cars

More traffic

Mr. & Mrs. Cool

My kind of car

Oldest bar in Nevada

On the way home

Pointing the way

Raffle prizes galore

Skip the nose

Still eating

The arena for dinner

Traffic jam

LOTS of Corvettes

And vendors...

Waiting for poker run

More waiting for the poker run.

This shot gives you a good idea of the size of the rollercoaster - Stan's favorite part of the run.

Our favorite photographers and lunch planners.

Photos provided by George Goolsby and John Reese