Preston Castle Tour

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Preston Castle Tour
Ione, CA

April 10,
Event Hosts -  Rick & Karen Samoian (castle tour) and Ken Cleek (brunch)
Photos by Marty Keylon, Ken Cleek, and Bev Edwards

The Preston School of Industry

The home of Merle Haggard, Eddie Anderson, Rory Calhoun, Eddie Machen, Pancho Gonzales, Lee J. Cobb, Caryl Chessman, and others

Where are the Corvettes?

The clock that never was ...

The tank at the top on the left was for the water-powered elevator

The circular "pipe" above the roof is the fire escape

Looking down the hall toward the infirmary

The dormitory of Company B (housekeeping)

The kitchen where housekeeper Anna Corbin was bludgeoned to death in the pantry at right

Did the ghost of Anna Corbin open that drawer?

The Infirmary

Infectious wards were quarantined in glassed-in rooms

CYA Tower