Event Planning Meeting 2012

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January 21, 2012
Event Hosts - Vicki & Tom Braithwaite
Photos by John Reese

The scowlers - Pete ready to write, Barb with her iphone to make reservations, Vicki and Michele

Boy, this is a serious crowd

Vicki must be explaining something...

George is intent on listening to Skip, while Rob looks on and Peggy Sue has dessert

Bill is keeping notes while Mike looks on

Carol too is taking notes

Somebody is having a good time - Karen and Patty look happy

Rick is having a good time too


Skip is frowning, Bob looks skeptical, and the Engles are checking their phone.  Meanwhile Kathy, left, and Sue on the right are looking at something, while Daryl & Lorna look on

Rogues Gallery part 2 - not identified in the preceding photo, center to right, John, Phil, and Catheen

Susan, Robert, Rob & Linda


Mary is keeping notes, Barb is chewing on her pencil, while Pete & Barb kibitz

Vicki sez, "Ahoy there matey"

Somebody told a funny.  Michele, Peggy Sue & Rob

Karen says HI, and George looks like he wants to go home after a LONG meeting

Skip looks like he enjoyed the meeting

The End