Pilot Hill - Hindquarter House

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Run to Hindquarter House in Pilot Hill
October 30, 2011
Event Host George Goolsby
Photos by John Reese

Graham's Black Beauty & George's GHG VETT

Another shot of the same two plus John's ZO6

Peggy Sue & Rob are here!

Stay back Rob

Susan & Jon enjoying the nice day


Peggy Sue's '82 is as pretty as she is

Maui Mikey's C5

Jon's C6, and it's red of course

Brother '07 Zssssss

Four nice C6 Corvettes

Rick & Karen's '07 Z51

Bill & Carol's ZO6

George and Bob are ready to roll

We're here, Hindquarter parking lot in downtown Pilot Hill

We back 'em in for a fast getaway

Back to back, Z51 & ZO6

We have to stand around and talk about the drive over here

The other end of the lineup, featuring Skip's Grand Sport

Chow is ahead and nobody is in a hurry to get in there

Tom and Pete are discussing weighty matters

Ann is patiently listening

Bill & Carol of ZO6 fame

Mary knows what she wants, but Bob is still studying the menu

Hi Rob!

George likes lime in his beer

Right to left, Rick, Skip, Karen

They are STILL at it

Michele moved

Right to left - Jon, Susan, Mike

That's all Folks!